Due 9/18:
Reading Assignment 4: Readability, Legibility and Spacing
Thinking with Type / Lupton / pgs 87–111

Supplemental Readings / See links below
Font Readability and Legibility
Reviving Caslon: Readability, Affability, Authority

And for fun, play this game and share your score!
KERNTYPE, a kerning game 

Visual Diaries:  4 pages are due in class on 9/18. By now, you should have 16 pages complete in your diaries. Please catch up this week if you are behind!

DHP: You should be continuing your research on your topic, and begin preparing a first draft of your 10-page paper. If you need help with your writing on the first draft, please plan to visit the Writing Center this week! You will hand in a first draft of your paper on 9/25. It will need to be a well-constructed draft with introduction, thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. It must have correct grammar and spelling. If in doubt, seek help in the Writing Center!

Project 2: Great Quote:
Your Inspiration Board is due at the beginning of class on 9/18. We will share these with the class. Please print these out on tabloid size paper for the review. You may print in black and white or color – that’s up to you! Please print before class begins at 8:00 am.


In Class on 9/18:

Work on Project 2: Great Quote
After we review Inspiration Boards, you will begin Step 2 – Thumbnails. You will create 20-30 thumbnails to explore the best solution for your great quote.

DHP: We will have a demonstration on using the scanner, and how to save your images for use in your final book for this project. REMEMBER to be checking out books on your topic (in addition to any web resources) so you will have imagery you can scan and use in your final book!